Wednesday, June 30, 2004

New favourite blog

Darien Hawke - porn star - must ask Lee if he's seen him in anything. But he's very entertaining.

He also confirmed a story Steve told me about the porn shoot for Skaterboy. Steve assured me that the night before filming the star took home two men, got a bit excited, and, sadly, ruptured.

In order for them to claim on the insurance for the delay to filming, the poor guy had to limp to the Doctor's and get a certificate for his broken bum.

I told Simon this story. Simon giggled a bit. "Special K helps". I'm still amazed my once tranquil ex now takes two bottles into the shower. Simon's changed. At the last orgy he went to, he was the all-you-can-eat buffet.

The best Pornstar on the web ever is Aaron Lawrence ( - he has a wonderfully unaware writing style, combined with an earnest appreciation of customer service that make this hilarious. I've never forgotten his description of how he felt he wasn't "feeling chemistry" with his star in one film.

He confronts the star in his dressing room, and explains that they really need to "make a connection".

The star considered this for a bit. "Sure," he said, "You can give me a blow job if you like..."

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