Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Latest news from "Britain First"

The murderer of Jo Cox was sentenced today. At his trial, much was understandably made of him shouting "Britain First!" while carrying out the killing.
I remember the immediate aftermath when that quote first surfaced. Twitter had people arguing that he'd instead said "Put Britain first" (therefore not directly allying himself with the fascist party). Britain First themselves rushed to distance themselves from the killer in their statement. Sadly, someone quickly found pictures of the murderer at their rallies (if a rally is three men outside a drab shopping centre), cunning hidden on Britain First's Facebook page.
At his trial, his neighbours continued to say he was a nice, quiet man - not in support of him, but with understandable bemusement. The guy in the flat opposite with a sofa in the garden, a large dog and a St George flag in the window? Yeah, probably a racist. But someone who mows the lawn, smiles to neighbours and keeps up with recycling? Surely not. People like that can't be racists... can they?

Among the latest news on Britain First's site is a Press release about a halal steakhouse opening. The headline is about "Islamisation", when the article demonstrates exactly the opposite. What could be more integrated than Muslims wanting to open a steakhouse selling "sweet potato fries". The press release also notes that "the meat comes from British butchers and farmers"... surely... surely this can't be a bad thing?
The press release goes on to tell you it is "just 10 minutes walk from the city centre". Never has that phrase seemed more sinister. Perhaps, somehow those evil restaurateurs are planning on weaponising halal sticky BBQ ribs in a devastating attack on Preston Debenhams?
The piece ends having told you when the restaurant opens and exactly where it is. It leaves it there, but you've now got enough information to skip mowing the lawn and, I dunno, go and stand outside wearing a t-shirt that wittily and subtly addresses the integrationism of a restaurant that serves mocktails.
Of course, if you've not managed to take offense at this, up pops a survey asking if you agree "there should be an end to the cruel practice of halal slaughter?". Your options are "YES" and "CLOSE".
There's your neat little takeaway to swap with your neighbour while you're recycling cardboard. "I've nothing against the Muslims. No it's not the colour of their skin, or their foreignness, or anything like that, no. It's the way they prepare their meat that really gets my goat".

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