Sunday, October 19, 2003

The Australian Dream

Appears to be to own a palatial triple front two garage house with a flag out the front and lawn out the back.

Oh, and have babies. Top reason for Lorraine and Paul being lovely people is that they do not have babies and have no intention of acquiring them.

Have spent some of the beach time catching up with Paul's sprogged-up friends. And it is truly terrifying. Their lives are under the control of something that can barely speak, is much less smarter than a kitten, crawls at about 100 metres an hour, and has a homing instinct for electrical sockets and sharp corners.

True horror: Last night Paul's brother and wife came round for supper. With sproglet. Which set up a constant wailing howl.

MOTHER: "Would you mind turning the TV down? I want to listen to the baby."

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