Monday, December 17, 2007

A letter from Lego

For reasons too boring to mention, I've been rather keen for the last two Christmases on buying the Lego Holiday Train (look! there's even a bunny in the snow...). Yesterday, I crack and login to - only to find that they halved the price last week and have sold out. So, I email Lego to ask if there's any left, and they send a reply that manages to be both formulaic, corporate and yet oddly charming. Like Lego itself:

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

It's always great to hear from loyal LEGO® fans, but I'm afraid we don't make that LEGO set any more. So it will not come back. It could off course happen that some stock is found and a limited amount come back for sale but it will definetly not be produced anymore.

Actually, we have a team of experts in Denmark whose job it is to invent new LEGO toys every year. They spend their time trying to find new and fun toys that are even better than classic sets. The shelves aren't big enough to hold everything so sometimes we have to stop making a few of the older sets.

You never know though, some of the old favourites sometimes make a comeback, so keep a look out!

I hope one of our many new LEGO toys will inspire the LEGO fans in your house. To have a look through the hundreds of sets and toys go to and see what grabs you and remember to keep an eye on the 'Exclusives and Treasures' section, which includes classic and collectable sets!

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Happy building!

Vincent Velthuizen
LEGO Direct


Lippy said...

Oh you HAVE to send them a cv - you could be a lego designer in Denmark it would be a hoot!

Hugh said...

There's a lego shop in town, next time i'm in, i could have a look for you to see if they have it?

Perry Neeham said...

I can't believe you want to make a Lego train; that's sooo childish.

Join the third millenium m8* - I've just made Obi Wan Konobi's space fighter! It came with a hyperdrive ring - I was surprised by the size, certainly a lot bigger than I've been used to.

m8* = as per the Orange Facebook

Orchis said...

Wow ! It's a whopper ! Forty-five inches of wonderment. I see there are 4 available on ebay at 55 quid plus 8.50 postage.

Skip said...

thank you all for your kind support in my dark hour.

As a couple of you guessed, I picked one up on Ebay for only slightly more than market price.

There's just something sad about the finality of "It will not come back." Last night I looked, sadly, at the Shell Petrol Station my parents got me when I was 6 and thought "you will not come back".

It's a sad truth about the world. All things must pass. Even lego. And there's only one word of hope, one shout out against the darkness. And that word is "ebay".

Gary's Photos said...

I can understand your love of lego. I still have my big box of the little bricks from when I was a kid.

I saw this picture on flikr, and thought you might enjoy the idea

Skip said...

oh, that's just amazing...