Saturday, November 08, 2008


So, I'm back from a week in Scotland. It was lovely. Just some walking and eating and drinking and generally living the life of a prematurely retired gay. The cat was okay when I got back and is now the size of a house (the cat sitter has been overfeeding her).

Went to Wolverhampton today to give a talk about the job I used to do. Genuinely lovely madness. Had a brief moment of relaxed, unguarded candour, and then noticed the attractive young blonde man in the front row. He was holding a camcorder. And he winked. At which point I went smartly back on message.

Sadly, he didn't hang around afterwards. But a man who'd built a TARDIS in his shed did. Apparently it made unusual sounds due to the functioning plasmatron.

The train journey both ways was fascinating. Who are these people who drink beer at 10am? And, on the way back, a couple sat listening to a CD walkman (remember them), with one earphone each. Their eyes were closed, they were holding hands and they were smiling.


Hugh said...

Beer at 10am - Clearly you've never taken a commuter train in Glasgow at 0730am

I found a Sony Walkman the other day - the old tape variety, i remember it costing almost 1/3 of my monthly salary to buy, so even with modern technology...somethings just never change

Hugh said...

the impression i get from this picture is the house is burning to the ground, and some how you're the one responsible

Skip said...

I occasionally worry that i've got a huge pile of tapes and no way of playing them any more. There's a whole box of mostly knackered Walkmen that spin the odd CD or just about play a tape. Just in case.