Friday, October 29, 2010

Caprica Cancelled

So, Caprica is cancelled. The quasi-mystical-virtual-reality-worrying-and-beards follow-up to Galactica is being replaced with something a bit more gutsy. Caprica was only really liked by people who spent their evenings ironing Team Jacob pillowcases while genuinely meaning to get beyond Chapter 1 of their copy Nietszche for Dummies. Blood and Chrome sounds a bit more.. you know... blood and chrome-y.

According to EW, Blood and Chrome was commissioned at a meeting at Comic-Con between an exec from SyFy and Caprica guru David Eick (no relation to the lizard guy). The conversation may have gone a bit like this:

EICK: "So, anyway, things are going great on Caprica..."

EXEC: "Uh-huh."

EICK: "Yeah, we've got a whole spiritual arc plotted out, a real journey of the mind..."

EXEC: "Right."

EICK: "Honestly, we are staring into the Frakking Abyss."

EXEC: "Sure you are."

EICK: "Mind you, the writing room has this idea for a show all about exploding spaceships and Cylons."

EXEC: "uh-hu... What?"

EICK: "Oh yeah, crazy isn't it? It's all zoom! zoom! pew! pew! pew! robots go smashy-smashy! kablooey! and I keep saying to them, guys, if you can really nail the true nature of the virutal soul by year three, then maybe, just maybe we'll do it as a web series."

There is a pause.

EICK: "Seriously, Caprica is a metaphysical allegory! It's Obama!"

EXEC: (mournful, quiet) "pew... pew... pew..."

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