Sunday, June 26, 2011

Parents in the City

My parents are staying in my London flat while I'm away. They've kind of moved house but are camping in their motor home before they can move into their new place (apparently they will live somewhere near a shop, which will be novel for all concerned).

Besides doing what my parents normally do when they're in residence - scouring the place from top to bottom and rearranging things which shouldn't be touched, they're having a bit of local trouble. The last week or so we've had a new, rather nasty group of drugs dealers who hang around beneath the window. I've told my parents to call the police if there are any problems as they're just tiresome.

Last night the drugs dealers beat up a client outside. My parents did not call the police as they did not want to cause a fuss. They are shaken by it as "his screams just went on and on till your Dad turned off his hearing aid". I am quite cross with them.


Hugh said...

its that generation - my mum had a stroke at 0200, my dad put her back to bed and called the Dr at 0800, citing not wantting to disturb him - he arrived in 15 minutes, a journey normally taking 25. Mum refused to go to hospital, citing that nothing happens on a weekend, she'd rather stay home, bloody GP compounds it by saying go in on Tuesday as the Dr on call for Monday isn't very good.

It's no use getting annoyed, it won't make that generation do things any different i've decided

Hugh said...

I forgot to mention this happened on a Saturday morning, they live in remotest Ireland, and i'm stuck in the UK

Skip said...

Oh Hugh - I'm so sorry. It's maddening isn't it? I hope you're mother's okay. Mine drove herself to the GPs after having had her stroke. For similar "don't want to cause a fuss" reasons. Gah!