Monday, April 16, 2012

Good with computers

Last week I was working in Manchester, in a flat opposite this:

It took me a couple of days to notice (after all, the flat was next to an Aldi), but I wandered in and was amazed and shamed. Partly because of their array of Samsung Netbooks at £150 each - which is a good £50 less than I spent when I ruined my last netbook with spray bleach while high on dental anaesthetic.

It's about time I got a new Samsung netbook - the old one has never quite recovered (both from being repaired and having iTunes installed on it). So, I went back the next day. And found something even odder... the corner was filled by a lot of people waving their hands as a man with tattoos shouted at them. It was kind of an inverse lapdance situation.

It turned out I was attending my first Laptop Raffle, as Mr Tattoo would hold up a laptop, say how many there were, and then enter any takers into a free drawer for them. Due to it being late in the auction, I walked out with the netbook I'd wanted for £100.

I only mention this really because I am normally so STUPID with computers that I'd just like to point out I got something right.

To balance this out, I am waiting for a package form a courier. Which is like a Hail Mary for any fun.

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JahTeh said...

Dear love, you don't have to shout or do the poms go deaf instead of blind?

I have awarded you an award but I might take it back, fancy grabbing a laptop for a hundred quid.