Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A film I hated

Turns out, I hated this film. Alan Bennett summed up Witchfinder General by calling it "degrading" and "morally rotten".

It may well operate on a level that I missed, but it's essentially about Vincent Price burning women. They're toasted, torched, griddled, branded, poached and fried.

When we got to the end of it, I reiterated how much I hated it. My boyfriend (whose favourite film it is) stared at me blankly. "But, it's just like Twins of Evil. You liked that."

"Yes," I replied. "But that had vampires in it."

His eyes narrowed. He may have sneered. "Is a film only any good if it has vampires in it?"

"Well, yes." Vampires are a bit like salt. They'll ginger up anything. The only thing that could possibly, in any way, have improved The West Wing is if they'd replaced the Jewish Mafia stuff with vampires.


Antonio Rastelli said...

Vincent Price is a legend in his own right but bless some of the later films he appeared in, didn't he at one point complain of the standard of film he was producing? Vague memories of a documentary I watched about him.

Skip said...

I think ALL the greats complained about the quality of the films they were in.

Someone told me of Cushing and Lee sat in the make-up chair for a Hammer.
"I don't have any bloody lines in this one," grumbled Lee.
"Dear boy, count yourself lucky. I have," replied Cushing.