Thursday, October 10, 2013


Did anything happen in October? I've suddenly realised that I'm having to backfill an entry for a month that seemingly never was.

A lot happened in October, some of it jolly lovely. I guess the oddest thing was, for an event, getting to work at a superclub. You know, one of those London dance barns. Actually, everyone was quite lovely. But still - so chic, so swishy.

I was sat in the soundbooth. Near me was an exotic creature wearing pleather trousers and a peach jacket with hair a few years ago I'd have challenged Mr Topper to recreate. He was filling us in on the difficulties of buying good cocaine in an Italian City.

"They sell all their drugs on roundabouts. They drive round them all night. So you flag them down like a taxi and then you go round and round while you do the deal." A pause long for an eyeroll. "It's exhausting and dizzying."

They then moved on to talking about how another club was trying to copyright a type of music. Which sounded insane, even to me.

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ani said...

Hmmm .... but.... and yet...the date on the entry says (thursday) 10th October 2013. Perhaps you're being allowed to repeat it. Or it seemingly never 'was' because for you it still 'is'. Or my laptop is lying to me. Or i've misunderstood. Or... well, just wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey stuff.