Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Things Go At The Moment

I'm having a great time briefing writers at the moment. But the general complications of being me keep getting in the way.

I'm massively behind with work. I'm supposed to be writing a comic novel, but I'm not in a comedy mood at the moment. So, the comic novel sits in a corner, becoming more and more of a problem. 

Meanwhile, as I said, I'm trying to brief other writers. "You should," I said yesterday, "read an article from Vanity Fair. It'd be really helpful."

I offer to scan it. Simples, as the meerkat used to say. A horrid hour passed, one in which I scanned the document, discovered it was unreadably watermarked, tried to buy the software, crashed the modem, figured that scan would do, then lost the file, so rescanned it on my phone, accidentally triggered an in-app purchase that flagged a fraud attempt in my iTunes account, started shaking uncontrollably in the kitchen, and then found the original scan in dropbox.
So, after an hour of this shenanigans, I had two copies. Both unreadable.

I wrote a florid letter of apology, about the only writing I seem to be doing at the moment, and then, just as I was about to press send, discovered the article was on the Vanity Fair website.

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