Sunday, May 01, 2005


The Not-Boyfriend is still charming, but irritating. I’ve almost accepted that he’s never going to pick up the tab, but he now takes it for granted that he can invite along friends for me to buy drinks for.

Charming as he and his friend are, when an evening ends with them laughing off into the night, saying “Let’s go find old men to buy us more drinks!” I can’t help feeling bad. Adam thinks of me as an old man to exploit. And he’s only 18 months younger than me.

It’s been fun, but being student mum to a high-maintenance disco whirlwind is getting tiring. A token, uncalculating, unselfish gesture from him would be a pleasant novelty. His current definition of this appears to be saying “We’ll stay in round yours. That’ll save you money. Can you put a pizza on? Oh, and if you have a tenner…”

It’s been fun having a comedy non-boyfriend for all my friends to laugh about. But, frankly, victim just isn’t my colour.

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