Friday, May 27, 2005

Paperback Writer

Never having had a book published, I'm just not qualified to snip at a website devoted to "published authors". And yet, there's something about "for published authors only". I suspect it's either a cruel vanity publishing showcase... or a superbly executed spoof.

Who can say when they showcase such authors as "Trilby Plants" and his Gatekeeper about "Old Magic — the Magic of Unmaking, energies that can undo the forces that bind the Gates, releasing creatures capable of destroying humankind....

There's also Aaron Dockery's Blood Heist: A group are blackmailed into stealing from their ex-employer, Jonathan Baker. Indigo and his brother, Robert Lawwe, lead the team on a deadly mission while avoiding the possibility of a crewmember working secretly for Jonathan. Other complications arise when Indy falls in love with the fiancĂ©e of Jonathan Baker, Madelynn, and outside forces take an interest in the crew’s mission. Heist is the first book of the powerful Blood for Blood series, but definitely not the last. Note that "definitely not the last" bit.

Or Malcom C Latham's Champion of Champions: about Cymar, his parents, and men from Los Alamos, New Mexico, go to Saipan in the Cyril’s yacht, to neutralize the Atomic Bomb, because they believe the explosion will cause atmospheric ignition.

I really should stop now. It's mean-spirited of me. And yet... Well, don't ignore the self-help spiritual journey book But It Was In The Valleys I Grew with its stern warning: "You will be encouraged as you read the author’s passage to search and find how the winds of life have blown you too, hopefully enabling you to see growth in the valleys of your own life."

Yes, it's true. There has been growth in my own valleys. But the steroid ointment did wonders.

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