Thursday, October 27, 2005


The BBC has launched a new site about how accessible their site is for visual and hearing impaired people.

It's the only page on *without* a text only link.


Tom Dolan said...

As I believe the common parlance is, "Doh!"

Jimster said...

It's there, but for some reason it's listed under 'Change colours and background on this site', which doesn't really describe what it does or how it's used.

And once again, no-one told us it was just going to appear on our site.

Considering the business we're in, communication SUX at the Beeb.

Jem said...

Martin explains over at currybet.

Skip said...

Ah - now there you go. Of course, they should still keep the "Text Only" link there, to avoid cheap point scoring by people like me.

I'd argue that putting links to both this and Text Only on the page is more political than functional - there are hidden links to both in the BBC Toolbar, so people with images switched off/screenreaders will see them as the first thing that loads on the page.

Or, why not just add them to the BBC toolbar itself, and cease dickering around with the usability of everyone's sites?