Monday, August 18, 2008

Spooks Code 9

Finally caught up with this. Sadly, nowhere near as entertaining as I'd hoped. It's about a lot of young people running around while a cameraman tries to keep up. It's all very grey and uninvolving. The characters all share a house, which means that they can bitch about terrorist insurgency and hair in the bath - but that doesn't make them at all likeable.

About 20 minutes in, they kill off the only likeable character. "Haha!" it says, "Are you not shocked and surprised?". "Not really," I think, "She was the only reason I was still watching." And so I stop watching.


Joseph Lidster said...

I replaced the likeable character at the WH Smiths in Scarborough when she left to be Zoe in Coronation Street. It's a top fact!

Skip said...

top fact!