Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sachsgate: From the forums

Magigirl says on Digitalspy It's time to disband the BBC

We can't continue to fund the filth which is being broadcast in our name and at our considerable expense, and we can't afford to keep on filling the bulging pockets of the likes of Jonathon Ross to the tune of millions of pounds each year, only for them to broadcast filthy, offensive material in return.

Presumably, the BBC served a useful purpose many decades ago but it's now time for the madness to stop.

Sack Ross, and then split the the BBC into its component parts and sell it off to the private sector, the proceeds from the sale being divided and returned to those who funded it, which is us - the licence-paying public.

Um. Meanwhile, the Today Programme pointed out that it was the 70th Anniversary of the War of the Worlds radio show and, very quietly, drew a parallel between millions of people being frightened by a radio programme they hadn't heard, and thousands of people being offended by a phone call they hadn't heard...


Perry Neeham said...

I think the BBC is rather good, a national treasure up there with, er, well, higher than anything, even Richard Dawkins.

A herd mentality based on a not heard broadcast makes me want to swear. So I will, why don't these miserable whingers FUCK OFF?

Matt Whitby said...

surely people are shocked at what was done? I've been appauled by things that I've heard about second hand. Is that a less valid response?

Perry Neeham said...

You may be appalled (sic.) but as the girlie in question dances in a troupe called the Satanic Sluts under the stage name Voluptua my guess is she is secretly quite chuffed with the publicity and some dosh for her crocodile tears from the Sun.

Nevertheless it certainly wasn't the brightest thing those two overpaid smartarses have ever done.