Monday, June 22, 2009

Sorrows come not in single Steves

I am dating two Steves. Accidentally, and in parallel, not in series. One I met just before going off to Australia and thought he'd forgotten about me, the other I met last week.

But it's giving rise to some confusion. How on earth middle-aged men manage to have affairs, I dunno. It's so complicated trying to remember which one i've told about what, and even which one is the vegetarian non-smoker.

I'm figuring one's bound to fizzle out naturally, which will be fine. Or I'll accidentally get them confused when texting.

Luckily, I've been able to hide. In Wales and in Legoland. But at some point I'm either going to have to sort out my Steves. Or just stay in and build my new train set.


Hugh said...

did you know there is "Brickworld" a lego convention - found it reading a story about loosing a jesus phone, and it's find me service.

needless to say it's in the US

build the train set - at least it won't be fickle with your feelings

Lippy said...

One of them is going to find this blog you donut!

Skip said...

oh. that's a good point.

and i think Brickworld would be a step too far.

Adam Macqueen said...

I met a couple once, both of whom were called Steven. I asked if it wasn't a bit confusing, and Steven 1 gave me a really scathing look and said: "No, because he spells his with a PH."

clickclickflashflash said...

I'd go with the photographer you doughnut.