Wednesday, January 27, 2010


lots of fun at the moment, but a bit shattered and juggling things so too tired in the evenings to update.

Thinks. In brief. Burns Night at St Pancras Grand was lovely (but I think the meal cost them about 50p and we all went and had crisps at the pub afterwards).

Am working in an office temporarily on very exciting projects. Cat is coping with abandonement badly, and has started going out at night (to ruin my sleep) and greeting my return every night with a dirty protest in the kitchen. Poor thing.

And somehow, the timer on the central heating is broken. Which is a shame as I can't get it fixed without staying in for a repairman. So it's lots of blankets and the worrying knowledge that the timer only works between 4 and 5 am. Which, by coincidence, is when the door is open as I'm hunting round car parks looking for the cat. Which makes me feel like George Michael's boyfriend.

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Frobisher said...

just to let you know I enjoy your ramblings, you don't seem to get many coments - but there any many people who enjoy your blog.