Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hello the future, goodbye the past

Well done me. I've made it to two of Arthur C Clarke's years. Will I manage 2061?

Interesting year 2009 - really interesting year. Thanks to reader Orchis for spotting that I made it onto both Pick of the Week and Mock the Week. I have decided that I am no longer stalking Russell Howard - it is he who is stalking me.

Lots of lovely things I've worked on have come out in 2009, and there's more in the pipeline (including, hopefully, something that nearly, very nearly happened before Christmas).

Other than that, it's been an interesting year of being accidentally freelance, and I've managed not to go utterly mad, despite replacing having a manager with having a cat (it's pretty much the same, really, only the cat sits on my lap).

Most random joy of the last few weeks has been being paid to write about lovely old bits of telly by AOL. This has allowed me to discover the maddest nightclub ever while looking up Noele Gordon:

On a typical night, you might find Su Pollard whooping it up on the floor to the latest American imports, while Justin Fashanu silently prowled the cruising alley and a regal Noelle “Nolly” Gordon – the Crossroads matriarch herself - wafted around in a diaphanous evening gown, flanked by stage-door johnnies. In the upstairs bar, you could even avail yourself of the services of a resident chaplain, on hand to dispense spiritual advice to the morally bewildered (as well they might have been, given the pitch-black sex room round the back). From sin to absolution in the space of one evening, Part Two had it all.

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I would like to go to there.

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