Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last night was the moment they'll talk about.

Previously my worst absent-mindedness was mistaking a fridge for a microwave. But this was worse.

Last night I discovered that, some weeks ago I'd unplugged the freezer. FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

I opened it and discovered a freezer full of rotten, damp food. This saddened me on several levels.

Let's start at:
A) I'm very mean. This is a real waste of money.
B) I'm very greedy. This was a real waste of food.
C) Why the hell did I do that? What possible reason?
D) As a hoarder this was such an affront. That treasured box of Prawn Toast for an emergency. Those breaded mushrooms for a special day. The trays and trays of dim-sum, the roasts that will never be, the leftovers stored like a wine cellar of vintage meals. All gone.

Thankfully, Lee was over. And so I didn't dare even see if any of it was even vaguely salvageable, but made a great show of binning it all immediately. And didn't even go down to the bins to have a check after he'd left. Not even once.

(well, full disclosure, I did say of one stew: "Oh, I think it's still frozen." To which Lee replied, "No, the white stuff covering that is mould." Ah well.)


PurestGreen said...

The same thing happened to a friend of mine, except the freezer was full of fish and it was in the middle of an African summer.

Still, just think of the fun filling it up again.

Skip said...

It's true, you know... this is an excuse for SHOPPING.