Friday, February 19, 2010

Lee hates Twilight, you know

There's no reason for the title of this post other than to fiddle with the feed on a friend's blog. There is no content to this post. I'm still working on Amazing And Lovely Things in an office for a few weeks - hence the lack of updates as I'm just too tired. My idea of an exciting evening is to flop down in front of the fire, watch something on BBC Four and then crawl into bed.

I did manage to go round and see some A-gays this week. They sat there in their beautiful Shoreditch apartment. We ate pancakes (carbs) with reckless abandon (we may even have had two each).

One of the A-gays opened a box of chocolates, took out one, ate half of it and then dropped the rest onto his plate ("eurf! stuffed!" he sighed).

They may have glowed like Robert Pattinson in a wood as they told me about their weekends. I'd forgotten that gays go out and do stuff.

Last Saturday I went out for a quick gay drink then checked out Tesco for reduced bargains. At the same time, one of them had gone to a party, then a barge after-party, then all-back-to-mine-for-an-orgy.

He flapped a hand in the air. "Oh, I was busy. I was like Old Street."
"Really?" I said, "Six entrances all filled with tramps?"

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