Monday, February 01, 2010

One last time

My first Doctor Who audiobook comes out on the 4th March. Could this be David Tennant's final perfomance as the Doctor before he's resurrected in 3D-CGI for "The 79 Doctors" in 2150 AD? Nah, probably not. But I'm bloody thrilled with it. The research gave me a chance to re-read Kenny Everett's marvellous autobiography "The Custard Stops At Hatfield", so if there are any factual errors it's either me or the weird things Kenny was taking to try and cure his seasicness.

It is possibly the first Doctor Who text ever to mention The Singing Nun. This pleases me.

You can pre-order it from now.


richardwatts said...

Man, you've been busy! So out of interest, when you're writing something like this or Bad Blood do they give you a copy of the production bible, or do you just wing it?

Lee said...

Looks like Magical Jesus Doctor is walking on water again.

Skip said...

Possibly it's the shores of Frinton.