Saturday, February 13, 2010

I nearly... very nearly...

have finally sorted out something. Something which has been cooking since November. And which will be rather nice. As it is, paperwork has started up which reassures me that it's all real. Nope, it's not another lovely writing project, but it's almost as much fun.

In the meantime, they've finished work on the local Centre For Troubled Youth. After six months of rough Polish builders going in and out of a place full of troubled young men. Yes, it's been like one of those inappropriate films you hear about.

But what does the finished thing look like? Very odd. It's like a gay recruitment centre. It's like they've built an old-fashioned two-up two-down in the middle of a Kings Cross housing estate... but out of bronze. Like a spaceship crashed down from Planet Suburbia. I must take a picture. It's just bafflingly garish.



Joseph Lidster said...

Yeah. Start taking photos of the youth centre. What could possibly go wrong?

Skip said...

oh..... i hadn't thought of that. Surely I can claim they were "artistic studies" or "research for a project" or that I'm just a member of a 70s rock band?