Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Who to vote for this election?

I've been wary of politicians after the London Mayoral Election - when analysis of policies alone told me that as a single male cyclist with a pathological fear of bendy buses the only person I could vote for was Boris. I couldn't bring myself to, and so left London for the day.

This was cowardice, but my brain was going in two different directions:

1) Shame on you! You have to vote on the policies and not the personalities. And anyway, Boris is a cuddly Tory. The death camps will probably have Moulton Brown in the washrooms.

2) Shame on you! I mean, okay, there's something a bit worrying about Ken these days and the shouty gay made an utter fool of himself in that Time Out interview, but.... all the same.... Boris?

Turns out, slinking away from democracy wasn't that bad a plan, as Boris's big policies (Cycle lanes for all! Recycling! Green things! Instant death to the Bendy Bus....) well, they've all fallen a bit flat.

But what about the General Election?

So far, I've only received two pamphlets.

The first is from Frank Dobson. I've actually had cause to email him (over a friend's visa application). No reply. No reply to a follow up email. Therefore, he's not getting my vote.

The second is from The Green Party. Now, this one's interesting. Their previous newsletter tipped all local residents off to MegaCityOne that the Wellcome Institute is planning on building on the British Library car park. The latest newsletter features an interesting nuggest about the high speed rail link.

Now, up until I read this, I was all in favour of the high speed rail link. I like trains. I like the idea of travelling to Scotland very quickly. I *really* like trains.

Turns out, the Green Party have discovered a plan to bulldoze most of Somerstown (including my flat) to make way for a moving pavement between Kings Cross and Euston. Ouch! Also turns out, the Green Party are claiming to have thwarted this plan.

I'm grateful - but also curious. I mean, surely we'd have received some kind of letter from someone mentioning this at some point? The only thing I've heard recently from the council is a glancing mention of a new contract for window cleaning. I wonder....

I'll look into this. I'll also report back on any other political leaflets we get.

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