Monday, April 05, 2010

No news...

I really, honestly will update again properly soon, but am trying to juggle Shoreditch Web Barn and Fun Deadlines For Fun Stuff.

... and a sudden fondness for Tescaux £3.99 pink fizz. Where has it been all my life? It tastes of bubbles and sour, which is about all my fag-raddled palate can cope with.

If anyone cares, I am currently reading a penguin crime called "Murder Maestro Please" in which a couple of tandem-riding alcoholics try and solve the murder of Johnny Corcoran before a Harpsicord recital. It suits my mood admirably.

PS: Can *anyone* explain the Bank Holiday Jonathan Creek to me? I loved it while it was on, then woke up this morning going "huh?"

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