Monday, June 14, 2010

Eurovison Prong Contest

"So," I say to Lee, "Have I told you about the Brazilian Lawyer?"

Lee rolls his eyes. "You realise there's a formula, don't you?"

What do you mean?

"Nationality + Profession, then some random detail and giddy clapping."

I go very quiet.

"Honestly, go check the shag rolodex that is your blog and you'll see."

Hum. Brazilian Lawyer, Czechoslovakian Punk Baker, Portugese Programmer, Romanian Rentboy. I'm really not sure what this means. Maybe I should try and learn a few more names, or just not ask what they do for a living. Or settle down. Or write about the cat more.

I go home. Some time later I sleep with a Polish Barista.


GavinW said...

Write about the cat! She apparently hasn't done anything bloggable for ages!

Skip said...

It's a cat. It does cat stuff. I love it, but it's as interesting as Other People's Children.


Really? I've got pictures.

GavinW said...

I thought you might have. No, it's fine. No, REALLY, it's fine.

I'm going to be here for hours now aren't I?

Milk and two sugars please.

Anonymous said...

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JahTeh said...

Spam is mentioning sexygirl a lot, probably hasn't read your shag rolodex of a blog. I <3 Lee.

Skip said...

Don't. He'll get ideas.