Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The War On Lego

A while ago I found some War On Terror fego in Asda, but the range you could buy was quite limited. Not any more thanks to The Kids Arms Shop.

Before perving at their Lego options, let's just check out the name of the store again, shall we?

Everyone still feeling good about themselves? Great.

Question is, what do I buy? Do I go for the Panzer Tank Set (suitable for ages 5+)?

Or do I blow it all out on the World Peacekeeper's Gift Set?

It does have a lot of guns.

So many choices.


Rob Stradling said...

I know I'm supposed to be horrified. I know what we all think is the "agenda" here. I get it, really.

But... I played with nothing else, as a child, than guns, bombs and tanks. It never crossed even my six-year-old mind that doing any of this shit for real would be a remotely clever idea. I grew up into the same kind of draft-dodging, lilly-livered liberal as all the kids whose hippy parents wouldn't even let them hold a banana by the curved end. TBH, I'd rather boys (and girls, if they want to) played with historically-accurate toy engines of death, like I did, than the sanitised, generic "UN Eco-Peacekeeper Skateboard iWarrior XTreme!!!" they get today.

Jonny Morris said...

I remember a piece in the Lego Builder's Club newsletter explaining why Lego had a policy of only doing non-militaristic sets (despite kids writing in asking for tanks etc.).

I only mention this as a way of bragging that I used to be in the Lego builder's club. I got my photo in the magazine once.

Skip said...

I think it's deliberately subsetting yourself as "Kids Army Toys", which, come on, at the very least, says "Contains No Princesses".

There's also something different between play Lego violence (Castles and Space Battles and Pirates) and realistic depictions of American and Iraqi and Nazi weaponry (they even used to have a fego Scud missile launcher set).

For now, I'm ticking the "unsettled" box... although if the range crosses over into absurdity (a Hitler's Final Hours Bunker set), then I am so there.

huntb said...