Thursday, August 12, 2010


Brilliantly, unexpectedly went to a gig last night - the amazing Our Lady J

See? I can do going out. And you should too - not only is she incredible, but the choir are amazing In Every Way.

Anyway, afterwards, am talking to one of the choir and I make a tit of myself in at least two ways. One is to suddenly realise that he's going out with a friend of mine and announce this in a tone of startled surprise.

The second awful thing is that we're discussing another stunningly beautiful member of the choir.

"Oh, he's sweet and an idiot." I am told by the singer.

My jaw hangs open excitedly and my head fills with a plan involving tin foil and a string. "He's an idiot!" I bellow gleefully, "How brilliant that he's stupid!"

The singer glares at me. "I didn't say he was an idiot."

"Yes you did."

"No, I said He Was Canadian."


Pleasingly, though, I get home and find there's a trampoline in my flat.


Hugh said...

I'm confused - how did you get "Canadian" mixed up with "idiot"

Skip said...

Loud bar.

Try murmuring "He's an idiot" and "He's Canadian" a few times and you'll get there. But you'll still shake your head sadly.