Friday, August 17, 2012

10 good things about Freelancing

Ten good things about freelancing:

  1. Sofa = Office
  2. The canteen never shuts
  3. If a book is that good, you may stay up till 3am reading it.
  4. And have a lie-in till 10 the next day. Sometimes.
  5. Being in for the delivery man
  6. Lego = Team-Building Away Day  .
  7. You get to go to the gym when the only other person there is a pervy-looking gymnast.
  8. No meetings*
  9. The giddy rush that comes from being able to turn down a hateful project. 
  10. Cat = Manager
(* this is not true. Everyone has meetings)

I could list the bad things, the many, many bad things. But today I am celebrating the good.


ani said...

10 Reasons to read James Goss

1. The humour – “Duchess, did you miss me?” “Only just.”
2. Great representation of much loved characters - Rory in Dead of Winter and that reflection on the three way relationship between the Dr, Amy and Rory. - And Rhys Williams (a real hero in Torchwood)
3. Reality in toe curling clarity – trying to retrieve post from a parcel depot
4. The humour – vampires playing bingo; the cat poem in ‘The mind’s eye’.
5. The politics – gender politics in Almost Perfect; comment in Risk Assessment about who creates risk in the risk society
6. The song lyric references - “Gypsies, tramps and … vagabonds”
7. Interesting characters – Layla in Dead Air; Maria in Dead of Winter; Gerald Conway in House by the Sea
8. Relationship with fandom
9. The humour and humanity - Ghost Train (my favourite)
10. Oh! And the stories are good (clever, dark and funny)

(10 should be 1 really but there’s only so much sycophancy I can achieve in one response)

Long may you freelance.


JahTeh said...

11. You get to update your other blog so regular readers know what books to give their mother at the nursing home.

lorrainel said...

I will be reading this once a week to remind myself why I do this...

lorrainel said...

will be reading this weekly to remind myself why I freelance. And will ring you to squeak with panic when it goes wrong...

lorrainel said...

I will be reading this once a week to remind myself why I do this...