Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Sold my Department S boxset on ebay. This is a moment for me. A milestone.

I sold it because... it was rubbish.

I was seduced in an Australian department store by the amazing packaging. I even watched a few episodes, marvelling at the gorgeous DVD design, the kooky music, the flagrant use of stock footage... but then... but then...

Well, the actual programme is dreadful. It starts off brilliantly with wonderful opening sequences (a girl wakes up in an abandoned village... a man is found sobbing in a beautiful room that's been built in a warehouse... all the passengers on a tube train die... a man in a space suit dies in SoHo...) but then, whereas the Avengers would take that and open it up and make it splendid, with Department S, by about ten minutes in it's all about bank robbers, blackmail, forgery and blah blah blah.

It's a very boring cake indeed covered in an impossibly frothy sugary icing called Jason King.

So anyway. I sold it. On ebay. For a vast profit. To a woman who's now sending me 10 emails a day.

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