Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm not in the Union

Finally, a whole week after the Greg Dyke - Hutton Crisis, our the BBC unions have lumbered into action.

Industrial Action? Strike? Er, no - just a lunch hour protest. Lasting obviously two hours to fit in with people who take their lunch at different times. So as not to cause a fuss.

If that strikes you as feeble, you'll snicker when you realise that they don't even want Greg back - instead their agenda is "Freedom and Transparency and Integrity". Guff.

Here's the "Call to arms" email:

There will be demonstration on Thursday 5th February outside every BBC building at 12 noon. This demonstration will be organised jointly with NUJ and the demonstration will last from 12.00 noon until 2.00 p.m. to allow people working on the lunchtime news to attend. This is not industrial action but it is an opportunity to show your support for a campaign to protect the BBC from further government interference.

Dear The Weird Union,

Thanks for being a week late with your spontaneous show of protest.

PS. You'll find the bandwagon's over there. Quite a long way over there.
PPS. Where were you last week?
PPPS. Bring back Greg.
PPPPS: No one cares about your mad political agenda.
PPPPPS: Except for those weird Socialist Worker saddoes outside White City tube station. Perhaps they'll come along.

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