Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Illness update

Today I learned some interesting things. First of all, glad I didn't have full proper, or grown-up meningitis. Just a weird version someone got off a market stall.

Brilliantly, managed to finally speak to a Doctor at my local practice. To try and get an appointment before mid-April.

She was great, and bizarrely chatty - especially as illnesses are such tedious things.

But here are some great new things that she told me - The bizarrely horrible headaches I've been having aren't a sign that I'm still ill, merely that a lot of damaged brain tissue is healing. I should also be prepared for memory loss, lack of concentration, irritability, depression, and anxiety. And impairment of certain faculties.

This goes to explain why I can't remember how to make a webpage, can't balance properly, and am wandering around in a permanent state of anxious misery. Well, there are other reasons for the latter (which, I doubt I'm allowed to talk about) - but I'm certainly not coping with them well. Or... well, at all.

More can be found at BBC Health
Meningitis Recovery.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: Now I know why I miss my happy pills so much. They were opiates.

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