Monday, June 28, 2004

A Doctor Who fan writes...

As part of my job, I receive emails from Doctor Who fans. One is concerned that some audio files are, perhaps, at a slightly different volume or something to others. And when I say "concerned", I mean really concerned.

Here's some of an email from him. It's not the first...

"The problem is with the file's audio bandwidth. This is far lower than it should be, at around 10Khz top frequency instead of the 15-16Khz it should be. I've even ripped the file of the site to check that it wasn't my connection at fault. It isn't. If you want I can send you some spectrogram shots which clearly prove that the files for part two are clearly topping out at the 10-11KHz mark."

"which clearly prove"? It's hardly the Zapbruder footage.

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