Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Victorian Big Brother

Day 23 in the Big Brother House, and Big Brother has reduced the number of maidservants to 43. In the Smoking Room, Victor and Jasper are having a heated row:

VICTOR: Why sir, fie on that!

JASPER: It's clear you are little more than a charlatan. Should I meet you in my club, I would be duty bound to cut you.


Meanwhile, in the Music Room, Miss Jade is entertaining the other occupants to a delightful Mozart medley on the piano forte:

JADE: Oh, fiddlesticks! Some of the fingering is dashed complex. I believe BB has mistuned this piano deliberately!

TIFFANY: Do my ankles look big in this?

Over in the Drawing Room, the remaining men, Harold and Reginald, are facing up to this week's task...

HAROLD: D--- it, Reg! How can BB expect us to translate Horace without at least sight of a crib?

REGINALD: I'm gay, you know.

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