Monday, December 06, 2004

Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for Doctor Who went up last week. And the fans immediately melted.

Some fans have decided, purely from the fact that a teaser exists, that Doctor Who will be going out on Xmas Day. Based on No Information at all.

This is despite the fact that:
1) No tx date has been announced
2) Beyond "Winter 2005"
3) Which is either Jan-Mar, or Sep-Dec next year.
4) Filming is still taking place with lots of CGI.
5) What's the point in burying something this big in the middle of christmas...
6) ... rather than giving it its own marketing campaign?
7) The HitchHiker's Film has a teaser out now. And that's still a year away.
8) Life is quite short, actually.
9) Time they're spending worrying about this could be spent having sex.
10) Perhaps with other people.

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