Friday, May 19, 2006

Big Brother: You're Watching It

Went out to a Welsh gay club late last night. BB Live was projected on every available wall and screen with the sound turned off. People were just stood, staring at it, transfixed.

Probably cos, by that point, nearly all the male cast were topless and drunk. And there was an Asian babe in the corner eating sushi and giggling.

Semi-naked young men and a fag hag? What's not to like?

With the sound off, it looked like a bunch of gay porn boys were having a party with some girls called Tiffany and a bloke from IT support. Am I wrong?


frobisher said...

Not far off, a real bunch of freaks! A gay muslim, a camp Canadian clone, usual "Im mad me" bimbos/himbos, a few token northerners, etc. Bottom feeding TV + essential viewing.

Gary said...

And there are two Welsh speakers. I feel unpleasantly exposed.

Skip said...

now, this is the gangly one who thinks he's enormously sexy.

i was there for the look on his face when one of the rather nicer other boys took their top off. cresftallen. brilliant.