Sunday, January 14, 2007

What week?

Thanks to the honestly-not-just-a-cold, the week's just whizzed by. There's been very little smoking, even less drinking, and rather too many Hitchcock films. Plus 400 hours of sleep.

Has anything interesting happened? Not really. The Irishman's still around, but I suspect this is cos he's still too weak to crawl away.

Puzzle of the week - does anything stop a cough? Seemingly not.


Hugh said...

correct, there is no proven medicine that will stop a cough - all this cough medicine is just quack stuff.
have a drink of something

Ms C Qrisp said...

Either he's never met a Rich and Strange man of Easy Virtue before, or he's actually enjoying the Frenzy to be found in The Pleasure Garden.

Then again, it might be Blackmail, or the Rope around his ankle?

Get well soon.