Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Big TV

I've had a projector for years. Why stare at a tiny TV when you can cover your entire wall with anything you want (but not porn. Oh god no. There's something wrong with a six foot penis that you can't put into words).

Last year I brought a new projector for my Cardiff flat. It was bright. It was shiny. It was HD. And this week it blew up.

The noise was very loud. It happened during quite a good QI, and I spent five sad minutes staring at a blank wall, listening to Stephen Fry being unbearably clever, surrounded by the smell of cordite.

Irritatingly, the projector originally cost £400. The new lamp cost £350.

And it happened at just that point in January where you go "My finances will be *fine* so long I don't make any sudden moves..."

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