Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, that was January

And it wasn't quite the month I was expecting
  • Spent the month on the sofa and lost weight! - thanks to a fabulous array of illnesses. My book Cough your way to a six pack available soon.
  • Nearly had a boyfriend - which was a bemusing diversion.
  • Watched all of new "Marple" - So grippingly bad it gets ironic quotes.
  • Didn't even give up smoking - Okay, so there were a couple of weeks when I didn't smoke, but that's only cos I couldn't breathe.
  • Got into Corrie - But only for mad-eyed Tracey Barlow. So loony and scheming, if she was a gay man, I'd date her.
  • Have rationalised my drink problem - After all, if it's only vodka, and I can remember getting home every night, it can't be that bad.
  • Gone off Vanity Fair - Honestly, the last couple of issues have been really bland, something I never thought I'd accuse VF of. And the freebies have been dissappointing. I want a glow-in-the-dark Dominick Dunne. Or Scratch-n-Sniff Republicans.
  • Gone off the Saturday Guardian - It's like they did a survey and removed all of the bits I liked. There are but three things left - and i'm not naming them in case something bad happens.
  • Been to London once - Marvellous as my Cardiff friends are, there's something so familiar and nice about passing out in my London flat, with its slight smell of damp and bleach.


Anonymous said...

As an Archers fan, I thought you would like to know that a Coptic Church seems to have opened that we haven't been told about: see

Brian Sibley said...

AND you acquired a SLAVE - or have you forgotten?! God, you masterly types are so fickle!! ;-)

The hurt that the poor lad is no doubt going through must be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ---- except of course, from his p.o.v., that is probably quite enjoyable!!

Brian Sibley said...

On second thoughts, I guess the slave was last year... My mistake! But then your life is such a whirl of improbable excitements that mere trifles such as the passage of time count for very little!

Skip said...

Oh god! No, you're right. That reminds me. Really must check on the slave.

I hope I remembered to leave some holes in the top of the box this time.