Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Man Banned

R Cubed News

Every now and then, Google will throw you a Doomed Crusade. This time: A review of reviewers. This man reads reviews, and then reviews the reviewers, sending his pamphlets through to Fleet Street by... FAX!!!

I've been bemused by it since I found it. It's like popbitch for drama critics. But... why?

Seemingly, he'll like your reviews more if you're a pretty girl than if you're a gay boy.

Sample edition: A gay man reviews a musical, shocker!:
Apparently to enjoy musicals is a characteristic of gay men. So why was the press night of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang not crammed with shaven heads, moustaches, earrings, tattoos, skin-tight t-shirts and crotch-hugging leather jeans? It wasn't.

The latest edition doesn't even talk about theatre critics that much, instead using the london paper's printing of the word "bitch" as an excuse to talk about Rod Liddle's love life. Apparently, his girlfriend is very pretty.

I'm just baffled.

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Ann said...

After reading an edition, I believe I can debaffle you.

It's a pile of cobblers written by a bitter nutter.