Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This Life +10

I finally got to see it, and was glad of it, but it did go a bit like this…

“I love you/ No, I hate you/ I love having children/ No, I hate children/ Slam! / I’m leaving you / No, I’m coming back / I’m really successful / I’m really fucked up / You star, Anna! / You bitch, Anna! / Slam! Slam! / I’ve never felt more alive / I’m dead inside / I’m so rich / I’m so screwed / I’ll make this work / No, I can’t stand it any longer / Warren will you have my baby? / Miles, will you have my baby? / I’m a writing industry / There is no second book! / We’ve got nothing in common / We’ve always had each other / It’s all about us / It’s all about me / I’m spiritually rich / I’m broke / Slam! Slam! Slam! / I love you, babes!”

There’s a reason, I think, why Amy Jenkins hasn’t written much since the first series of This Life. But, *sniff* I enjoyed it enormously. And wish there was more.

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