Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Wrong Boy

So, there I was, putting together a proposal for a teenage audience. Naturally, I did a bit of searching for a suitably photogenic sample user to put in the proposal:

Yes, I thought. He'll do nicely. I glanced briefly at the surrounding text - yup, he's over 16. So it's also fine to think he's a bit pretty without worrying too much.

It was only later I re-read the text.

Ah. Callum McKinlay happens to be Britain's youngest child pornographer, having sent round mobile phone footage he'd taken of a friend having sex with a drunk 14 year old at a party.

Hmmn. Oh dear.

Now, since Callum would no doubt be appalled to discover he's popular with the older gays, perhaps that's a good thing, and some form of poetic justice.

On the other hand, have I just accidentally joined some deviant sect? People who fancy paedophiles? It's unlikely - after all, most of them are as photogenic as Fred & Rose West, but then, there is that friend of mine who stopped conversation with "Ian Huntley? Oh, I would."


Imogen said...

Now, that wasn't very nice, was it? Making us have the, 'Oh, he's quite pretty' thought then dropping the bombshell.
Tch. Honestly.

Skip said...

Well - exactly. At least I'm not alone - i've dragged you down to my level!