Sunday, February 25, 2007

That Laurence Fox

Still can't make up my mind about Lewis's skull-faced side-kick. Is he attractive, or as sinister as the jaws of death?

To try and find more, I asked Aunt Google. Wikipedia, bogglingly, tells me "Fox is currently dating British actress Billie Piper". More helpfully, his RADA page features a picture of him taken seconds before he either:
a) Makes beautiful love to Billie Piper
b) Roasts a baby over the open fires of Hell.

The page also includes the following information:
"Special Skills: Tenor singing vice. Water sports."

That's not really helping.


Lippy said...

If you go for tortured saint look he is your boy I think.

Although thanks to our short discussion last week on this point I spent the whole of last night's episode trying to picture him in a wet t-shirt....don't think it's a good look for him!

Skip said...

Yeah, but did you see the scene where he wandered down the street in a t-shirt, swinging a guitar in one hand and smoking suavely?

I nearly made up my mind. Then we had the scene where a boy from his school basically said they could never decide if he was going to be the next Messiah or Hitler.

Personally, I'm hoping that next week we see him either bring about the apocalypse, or turn out to be a secret Wendy.

Gary said...

His RADA page also notes, under special skills, 'Water Sports' and, rather more mysteriously, 'Tenor Singing Vice'.

I think that tips the scales quite decisively towards the sinister.

Lippy said...

Oh the post guitar playing crafty fag was definatley a, *phwoar, I'll take a couple of them* moment.

Wolfgang Christ - rather suits him!

Anon Dirty said...

He was naked and hot in The Hole. Lovely cock.

Just thought I'd add.

Skip said...

Ah, "The Hole".

When I first heard about this, I confused Thora Birch with Thora Hird and nearly went to see it.

I think it would have been a much better film.