Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well, in the last week I've

- helped my folks fit a staircase
- shagged a management trainer (insert filthy joke about 360 degree feedback)
- started reading Perry Mason again (never trust the caretaker!)
- caught a sleeper train to Edinburgh
- spent more time flyering than is strictly amusing
- while wearing a Dinner Jacket
- and I haven't got a Scottish husband yet
- but hey, it's my annual fix of Vodka and Diet IrnBru
- and this year, i'm staying in a proper flat, rather than above a gay sauna. I miss the disco, the smell of chlorine, and the towels.

In good news, I'm about to see the first night of my Edinburgh show. We've sold four tickets. If any of the four of you are reading this - laugh, really, really loudly.


FireFawkes said...

Ah ha! That's why you want me to come over to Auld Reekie! And here I thought it was for my devilish good looks and charming personality...


Skip said...

Nah pet - it's all about getting bums on seats. Or is it?

gavw said...

You don't have to go all the way to Edinburgh to get a Scottish husband!! Plenty of us down here in London! :-)