Thursday, September 06, 2007

Signing-on and Signing-out

I've signed on. I haven't done this since leaving university, but since I'm technically unemployed, I appear to be eligible for some benefits. At the very least, I get cheap cinema tickets.

There's a curious selection of free magazines, including Pathfinder - "for career changers from all walks of life", but blatantly for ex-servic people, full of articles about how to leave the army and use your resettlement fund to become a recruitment consultant/kinky shoe saleswoman.

Among all the slightly weirdly worded adverts was one for Ex-Mil recruitment ( They're currently looking for an accountant who has experience of auditing in "a hardship location". Could this be you?

There's also an enticing backpage advert asking if you want the be "The Face of Munters. Munters is the world's number one organisation in damage restoration."


Lippy said...

Have you made an appointment for your "Job seekers interview" or whatever they call it, yet?
You have to go twice now remember at the start and after 6 weeks. My ex-secretary now manages local job centre and is very fierce!

Skip said...

Had the job seekers interview. Weirdly, over the phone at 9am on a Saturday morning. Charming Scottish man called Daniel.

He asked me what I'd done before. I told him I'd made a Doctor Who cartoon.

At which point he went "Oooh! The one with the space pirates! I can't wait till that's out on DVD."

I suspect my application will get a sympathetic hearing... :)