Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not dead!

Merely resting.

Anyway, hasn't Big Brother been fabulous? It's given us Vilest Woman Alive, Alexandra De Vane (surely a shoo in as next Doctor Who companion), and also managed to break a taboo that no-one had really imagined showing on television before, that of sulky gay Dennis spitting on a Muslim.

It's really been full of "I can't believe that just happened," moments. This year, truly will be the year that one of the housemates invents a bacterium which escapes and destroys humanity.

Of course, the real joy is offered by these two:

Ah, Dale and Stuart. With Stuart's arrival, Dale's visions of Alpha Maledom crumbled. The question is, what happens next? Well, they've worked out together, but Stuart has yet to prove his ultimate supremacy over Dale. Which will probably take place with Brokeback-style sodomy on the live stream. Well, that's why I keep tuning in at any rate.

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