Friday, July 25, 2008

Targeting the gays

Facebook has got relentless. When I was single it wanted me to go on a Gay Cruise, or even a Gay Camping Holiday (are they insane?). When I was in a relationship, it was determined that I get treatment for male pattern baldness, weight loss, back hair removal or look at some porn. I've now tried switching off that relationship shenanigans, but Facebook isn't deterred.

This week it's tried to get me to sign up for a free gay laptop (advertised by a topless tattooed muscle mary holding a Sony Vaio like a clutchbag), and now Special Gay Fake Tan so I won't look like a toasted badger.

These tings are curiously tiresome. Gmail is equally persistent, sometimes shockingly so (try sending a larky email about an STD and see what happens). It's like having a conversation on a bus with a friend and the slightly creepy man behind you leans over and butts in.

And then there are those links which seem innocent, but aren't. I am trying to book some nice gay-friendly accommodation for Edinburgh this year. One of the links on a quite helpful page suggests that "Liam and Kevin" will be pleased to give me a warm welcome. I click the picture thinking "they seem a bit young to be running a guesthouse, but maybe it keeps their love alive. Awww." (That I occasionally think like this suggests I really haven't left my childhood).

The link did not lead me to a page about their ensuite Gay B&B. The page was called "Filthy Twinks" and featured a variety of underfed Latvuanians about to have Bad Things happen to them.


Lippy said...

My friend the Official Reciever has just been on the phone, she has come to be the owner of both a Soho Bar and a Cruise Ship through the insolvent demise of the companies that owned them. We were wondering whether there was a "Gay Booze Cruise" market...but I suppose that would be no then????

Skip said...

Oh, there's a market. Come the recession, the gays still have money for da booze.