Monday, December 22, 2008

Fringe again

So, by episode 5, it's not just stealing from the X Files.

In episode 4 there's a WHOLE SCENE stolen from Doctor Who: Midnight (the overlapping speech thing). In episode 5, JJ Abrams actually steals a lift crash from his own show Alias.

And yet... it's not Terminator. It kind of means well. Special Agent Pram Face still scowls through it (do women no longer smile on American TV?), and the "Massive Dynamic" plotline is already looking shoehorned in (Why don't they just call themselves Evil Inc?). But... oh...


Meanwhile, in other news, my subscription to Entertainment Weekly has finally turned up. It is great and tells me that Dollhouse is already facing a ratings problem as it's being put out after Sarah Connor. Good luck there.

And, bizarrely, we witnessed two gays on an actual date at an all-you-can-eat last night. I love watching straights on a date there (he looks delighted, she always looks horrified). But these were your proper gays. One of them was such a minty twiglet he pushed a piece of prawn toast around his plate while snapping his pouty blonde fingers at the waiters. The other was all muscle and grin. They didn't seem to be there ironically. Which is the only point, surely?

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