Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Xmas

Well, here we are again. This year Christmas was spent in London - mostly with the cat ("tuna? for breakfast? well, this is kind you obsessed moron. i guess this means i'm still your substitute for a functioning relationship? sigh. PS meow"), and then an afternoon stomping the nearly deserted streets of London with Lee.

Things we learned:
  • Strada is open on Christmas Day
  • London at Xmas is not actually like Survivors. The lack of public transport means the streets are full of alarmed "I haven't done this for a year" drivers, managing to panic in second gear. On the way home, some police had pulled over a weeping couple who were had shot the wrong way up a one way street onto the bus lane on London Bridge.
  • Serial killers? No wonder they put the Wallace and Gromit special out so late.

On Boxing Day I went to the PC World sale at 8am. And brought some folders. For 47p.

Next door was Sainsbury's. With a big sign saying "Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day", but that didn't stop people hammering on the door and doing "Are you open?" sign language to the two staff inside.

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