Saturday, August 08, 2009


Clearly, the best URL ever: I can't actually work OUT WHAT THE PAGE MEANS AS IT JUST does THIS A LOT and then gets VERY CONFUSING (fact).

Sample text:

"DISAPPEARING ADMISSION OF PERJURY BY THE ONLY ONE PROSECUTION WITNESS. 43% of his cross examination by the “defence barrister”, questioned him about his best mate (the complainant) lying about the amount he had to drink, which he said was 2-3 bottles of Budweiser on “Mad Friday” in a thirteen hour drinking binge. “Mad Friday being the last working day before breaking up for Christmas”. That one witness admitted perjury when caught out lying but this admission MIRACULOUSLY VANISHED OFF THE CROWN COURT TRIAL AUDIO TAPED RECORDINGS and in the court transcripts!

ALL the 43% of the lead-up to this damning admission would have also vanished too but even they know nearly half of the ONLY prosecution witnesses evidence disappearing would be too blatant and obviously missed and cause immense suspicion! BURIED DOCUMENT – Ironically the oldest legal document in the case buried by my own “defence barrister” Sukhbir Bassra, I dug up years later undoubtedly proves by the complainants OWN ADMISSION, he had drunk AT LEAST 14 units (seven pints of strong lager) so proving perjury!

Other extremely important and damning questions have been removed from this cross examination from THE CROWN COURT TRIAL AUDIO TAPED RECORDINGS and transcripts which I can prove 100%.... on the same day that Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter Brennan of Lomax and Geddes Solicitors in Manchester, also betrayed me!"


Hugh said...

I may be speaking out of turn, but I think
the person who wrote that, is erm....mad, alledgedely :)

Skip said...


norrie67 said...

You are Ian Levine and I claim my modest cash prize.

Hugh said...

I am the Fifth man.

i see you've brought the good weather with you, please leave it behind when you leave

thank you